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Stock photography Baobab Trees
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baobab tree on limpopo river
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Baobab tree near Limpopo river, close-up of Baobab with leaves, Baobab tree with sky background,
Baobab tree at Mapungubwe, Baobab tree on the Limpopo, Baobab on the Limpopo
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The Baobab tree grows to over twenty metres tall in dry savanna. The bark is fairly smooth and pinkish-grey in colour. The fruit of the baobab tree has a hard green shell which turns grey as it dries out. When dry the fruit is full of pits covered in a sour white powder which is edible and full of vitamin c. During winter the Baobab tree looses all its leaves.
" Knowledge is like a baobab tree - one person's arms are not enough to encompass it." - African proverb
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Photography of Baobab Trees by Mike Johnson and Willie Sator.
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