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Stock photography Elephants - Loxodonta africana
stock photography elephant bullElephant bull chargingelephant babay stock photoelephantsstock photography of elephants
Elephant stretching for foodElephant bull with calfelephantselphant herd drinkingElephant kneeling
stock photography of elephantsElephant spraying water elephant walking in waterElephants drinking at reservoirElephant bull
stock photography of Elephant feedingElephant cowelephants stock photoelephant stock photoelephants stock photo
stock photo of elephants elephants stock photoelephants stock photoelephants stock photoelephant stock photo
elephant bull portrait baby elephants playingbaby elephant with short trunkbaby elephantElephant cow and calf
Elephant drinking
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Elephant bull, Elephants drinking, Elephant drinking, Baby elephant, Elephants playing, Elephants swimming,
Elephant Cow, Elephant bull in must. Elephant herd drinking. Elephant spraying water, Elephant walking in water, Elephants drinking from tank, Elephant bull charging. Elephant stretching,
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Elephants are the largest land mammal. Female and young Elephants live in family herds. Male elephants are found in small herds or solitary. Elephants are very fond of water and will swim and wallow readily. Cow Elephants give birth once every five years.
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Stock Photography of Elephants by Christine & Mike Johnson, Willie Sator.
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